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Avengersonna 3rd giveaway
I hope you like marvel :)
The stuff~
Loki bobble head
Captain America bobble head
Ironman bobble head
Captain America I pod case
Captain America wallet
Marvel headphones
X-men shirt size small
Captain America and ironman mug
Captain America and punisher comic book
Captain America shield keychain
Da rules~
Only reblogs please
Reblog as much as you want
Must be following me sorry
One winner
I ship any where
Must have your ask open
No likes
Giveaway ends December 1st
Must reach 6000 reblogs pls
I hope my followers like it

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60 Year Difference

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The devil is paying a visit. 

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Season 1 - Will + lips

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And the walls kept tumbling down,

In the city that we love…

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Hannibal Lecter meme [9/10 scenes] - Harpsichord

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Make me choose between: 

_________ or _________

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Random Will screencaps {11/50}

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Listen. This is just a dream. But very clever people can hear dreams — so please, just listen. I know you’re afraid. But being afraid is alright. Because didn’t anyone ever tell you? Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger. And one day you’re going to come back to this barn and on that day you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay, because if you’re very wise and very strong, fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind.”